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Alumni & Friends

Throughout the development of this book, there have been numerous members of the Alumni and Friends community that have had a helping hand in the production and delivery of this book. In alphabetical order, they will be listed on this page. The authors wish to give a big thanks to all of them for their help!

Christian Argentieri
Bruce Austin
Scott Boone
Julie Brady (2016)
Peter Briggs (1982)
Christine Corrado
Mary Ellen Gauntlett
Ken Huth (1990)
Tina Karol (1980)
Steve Matteson (1988)
Susan McGroarty (2003, 2007, 2013)
Kyle Murbach (2016)
Nef Ojeda (2004)
Kathryn "Kelly" Redder
Jon Rodibaugh (2012)
Mary Beth Russo
Jody Sidlauskus
Becky Simmons
Gary and Kathleen Smith
Greyson Watkins

And a very special thank you to Isabelle Trolio for the use of her font, Kirby.